Revised Draft Calendar for Next Season Released

NZ Greyhound dates in the Revised Draft Calendar have been based on the post-Covid Calendar that is in operation through to July 31 this year.
This calendar better reflects the NZ Greyhound population with a fourth meeting programmed in Canterbury and it is more cost-efficient to run.
The most significant difference from previous calendars is that no meetings have been scheduled for Otago GRC.  Also, one-off annual meetings previously scheduled for Tokoroa GRC, Taranaki GRC and Ashburton GRC have not been scheduled with these meetings effectively transferring to the major club in their region.
Currently, GRNZ has submitted for five full meetings to be scheduled for Southland GRC, together with another 33 'mini-meetings' to run alongside Harness and Thoroughbred meetings at Ascot Park.  RITA has made note of these and will progress them as they progress through calendar submissions that they receive.  The closing date for submissions on the Revised Draft Calendar is June 15 2020.

Revised draft calendar for greyhounds

To view the media release from RITA, along with the full draft calendar, please click here:

The GRNZ Team

Posted on 15 May 2020

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