DNA Lab Reopening Today

A message from Greyhounds Australasia:

As you are aware, the DNA lab in New Zealand closed due to the COVID-19 mandatory lockdown mandated by the New Zealand Government.

We have received an update from the DNA lab and are happy to announce that the New Zealand Government have lifted the lockdown restrictions today. This will allow businesses to begin re-opening.

The DNA lab will re-open today, Wednesday 29th April. Any kits held in storage can now be posted to the lab as normal.

Due to the lockdown there will be a backlog of kits to be processed so we do anticipate a small delay in receiving results, however the lab has advised that our work will be prioritised.

We have emailed DNA applicants and veterinary clinics advising them of this update. We have also noted that if a breeding female comes on season before results are received, they can contact their state controlling body to enquire if they meet requirements to apply for an exemption waiver in the interim.

Michelle Grima

Posted on 29 April 2020

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