The Australian Bushfires

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As you are aware, record-breaking temperatures and months of drought have fuelled a series of massive bushfires across Australia. 24 people have lost their lives and an estimated 10.4 million hectares of land has been destroyed since the fires started in October. 

What are the clubs doing to ensure the safety and welfare of the greyhounds and their LP's?

Some of the states such as South Australia have natural disaster policies in place which commits to opening kennel houses for refuge in times of need. This is a coordinated effort between the association as the controlling body and any relevant clubs. 

In response to this crisis, a number of clubs and organisations within Australia and New Zealand are showing their support by donating an amount of money each time a greyhound wearing a specific coloured rug wins a race, through raffles or by directly donating to those affected by the fires.

Palmerston North Greyhound Racing Club:

“Starting Monday, the Palmerston North Racing Club will be starting an initiative where for the remaining 3 Palmerston North meetings in January, $150 will be donated to the Australian Bushfire Appeal for every dog that wins a race wearing rugs 5 or 6 (gold and green, following Australia’s National colours)” – Paul Freeman.

Greyhound Racing Victoria:

“Greyhound Racing Victoria will donate $250 to the bushfire appeal every time a greyhound wins a race from the red box at any Victorian track during the month of January. In addition to the “Red Dog” appeal I know most, if not all, of our clubs will be holding their own separate fundraisers.” – Alan Clayton. The initiative has already raised $6,500.

Greyhound Racing South Australia:

“One of our trainers had his house and sheds destroyed in the Adelaide Hills bushfires. Thankfully his dogs were able to be evacuated and are doing fine. A few of the local clubs have been doing raffles to raise money for his loss, he’s been very grateful.” GRNZ have made a small donation to the affected trainer.

Note: If your club has created a fundraising initiative, we would love to hear about it, email to have it noted in this advisory.

What can I do to help? 

There are a number of charities and organisations collecting donations such as the Red Cross, the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and the CFS Foundation. A list of all causes such as disaster relief, animal conservation, firefighters and where to donate can be found here.


Posted on 14 January 2020

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