Changes to Rehoming Deregistration Process

As you're aware, we've been going through a transition with our rehoming programme. As of 1 October, Greyhound Racing New Zealand are taking over all three rehoming kennel bases (in Cambridge, Rangiora and Levin) as part of our great mates initiative.

How will this change affect me? 

You will now no longer have to go through the separate rehoming agencies (GAP, Nightrave, Mayhounds) to put your dog on the rehoming waitlist. They will be automatically added to the waitlist of the Great Mates kennel you choose on your deregistration form:

You're welcome to tick all kennel locations for a shorter possible wait time, however, travel costs and arrangements will be, as always, your own responsibility. 

What is the process after I fill in the form?

1. Your dog will be automatically put on the waitlist
2. When a space becomes available at your nominated Great Mates kennel, we will contact you to let you know you can bring your dog in.
3. Great Mates will take care of the desexing, assessments, grooming, dental, training, vet care etc. for each greyhound in preparation for their transition to pet life.
4. Once your greyhound is ready, one of our rehoming agencies (GAP, Nightrave or Mayhounds) will match them with a forever home and new family. 
If you're wanting to know where your dog is on the waiting list, please give our kennel managers a call.

How will these changes affect my dog?

Our Great Mates rehoming programme endeavours to increase the rate of success for rehoming through our new training process. We've put a substantial amount of funding into the Great Mates rehoming programme because we are dedicated to increasing the success of rehoming rates to give every dog the best chance in its retirement. 

Kind regards,

Candice Robbins-Goodman
Rehoming Manager for Greyhound Racing New Zealand

Posted on 27 September 2019

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