Competitive NZ Breeders’ Stake Heats

Competitive NZ Breeders’ Stake Heats


It’s New Zealand Breeders’ Stakes time again and the strong breeding programs throughout the country sees five 520m heats being drawn to contest this Group 1 event for the Kiwi bred Restricted Age greyhounds. That ensures competitive racing will be sighted at the Hatrick Raceway on Friday evening.


Pictured: Bigtime Tears, last year’s New Zealand Breeders’ Stakes winner


A top two finish is required in each heat to make the final ten listed greyhounds for next Friday’s $46,000 final. The slowest two heat second place getters will form the reserves bench. Here’s a look at the five heats, along with their respective TAB Futures and Top 3 quotes.


New Zealand Breeders Stakes – heat 1, race 4

1 Mr. Matt $16 & $4.80: Being a NZ Cup and NZ Derby finalist confirms that this bloke knows all about the rigours of Group 1 racing. He hasn’t raced since his NZ Derby fifth placing, however he recently trialed over 295m in 17.32s. He has drawn to feature here.


2 Our Tyson $31 & $9.50: He’s a recent graduate into the open class chasing ranks who brings a 30.36s best winning Hatrick 520m clock into this heat. He finished handy to the placings in his latest 520m race at this venue which ironically came from this trap.


3 Cheese And Chalk $61 & $16: He has recently been downgraded back to C3 where he delivered his last start 4.75 length Manawatu 410m third. He must place himself straight onto the early pace here.


4 Bigtime Broody $18 & $5.20: He secured his first open class victory when he finished solidly for his 30.37s 520m win on this track last Friday. He has an okay 30.16s best winning 520m time listed beside his name.   


5 Bigtime Lilah $31 & $9.50: This recent NZ Futurity finalist has always shown ability and we saw that when she delivered her tidy last start Manawatu 25.82s 457m C3 win. She cops a rough draw here, meaning she must use her known early pace from the traps.  


6 Our Hemi $61 & $16: This girl is facing her toughest career test in this event following her last start C2 30.70s win, which came when she made her track debut here last Friday.


7 Thrilling Talk $3.50 & $1.60: This stylish winner of 19 of his 26 career races doesn’t require any introductions here. Two races ago this Cambridge Group 2 457m winner boldly annexed the $30,000 NZ Futurity title in 30.15s. The concern for him here is this draw that this noted railer has been allocated.       


8 Know Shame $61 & $16: She travels north after her traffic impeded Addington 520m Restricted Age 520m outing last week. She’s a C3 graded chaser, who is suited to racing from this trap.  




New Zealand Breeders Stakes heat 1 contenders includes (from left): Mr. Matt; Cheese And Chalk; Thrilling Talk


New Zealand Breeders Stakes – heat 2, race 5

1 Go Brat $16 & $4.80: This open class assessed chaser travels north for his track debut assignment with sound looking inside trap form. He owns strength being a dual Addington 645m winner and his draw has enhanced his advancement claims here.


2 Know Refusal $61 & $16: This fella has been clocking up the road miles as he was sighted finishing solidly for his Sunday Manukau C3 527m third after which he returned to his Rangiora training base. He’s likely to receive clear early racing room here.   


3 Fare Dodger $61 & $16: This bloke is a noted wide runner as seen when, after jumping from this trap in his Tuesday C4/5 457m race, he moved out wide when heading towards the bend. Drawing here is a concern for this owner of a best 30.32s winning 520m time here.  


4 Cossie Cooper $81 & $21: This bloke was the first reserve for the recent Group 1 520m NZ Futurity final here. This owner of a 30.35s best 520m time here holds a current C4 grading. His last start outing saw him finishing fourth when he was sent over 645m here.  


5 Bigtime Alfie $101 & $26: He is credited with a tidy 30.09s 520m time here and that is a time that this C2 graded chaser must replicate in this heat. He has no option but to break quickly from this lousy draw.    


6 Opawa Viking $41 & $11: He has recently transferred north and he endured a traffic hindered Friday C4 520m outing here which was his second race at this venue. His prior 520m miss here was in a heat for the NZ Futurity.   


7 M’Lady Sadie $151 & $36: She’s facing a tough task in this field being a C1 graded chaser, while she’s also making her track debut. She was run down late in her last start Forbury Park C1 545m race. She is from an inform Canterbury kennel.


8 All About Space $16 & $4.80: The frustrating run of wide draws continues here for this Auckland Cup finalist. There is no doubting the raw ability that she owns and a quick start from out here can see her making her presence felt in this heat.



New Zealand Breeders Stakes heat 2 contenders includes (from left): Know Refusal; Cossie Cooper; All About Space


New Zealand Breeders Stakes – heat 3, race 6

1 Go Glow $21 & $6: This girl was the recent NZ Oaks runner up and she has drawn ideally for her fifth outing on this track. Her qualifying claims here certainly cannot be lightly dismissed.                     


2 Idol Dude $21 & $6: This bloke owns Group 1 racing experience having contested three of the elite finals which includes a 520m third placing here, while also finishing second in an Auckland Cup heat. He has drawn to at least match his 30.23s best 520m time here.  


3 True Testament $151 & $36: He’s giving away a fair slice of class to others here being a current C2 graded chaser. He contested a C2 520m final here last Friday where he finished a 5.75 length third.


4 Thrilling Carly $41 & $11: She contested a recent Group 2 Cambridge 457m final. Her last outing here yielded her with a bold C4/5 520m second placing. She can and she must contest the early pace here.


5 Bigtime Brett $61 & $16: He found himself jammed up in midfield traffic when he upgraded to C3 during his Tuesday Manawatu 457m outing. He cops a rough draw for this event.


6 Know Betrayal $41 & $11: He thundered home late to nail his 30.70s Manukau C3 Sunday 527m win. He isn’t known for his early pace which is a concern for his track debut race here, although again expect him to finish strongly here.


7 Bigtime Jetty $41 & $11: He settled just in behind the pace setters from where he whacked away for his distant Tuesday Manawatu fourth which was in a swiftly run 410m sprint. His best 520m winning time currently sits at 30.65.  


8 Trojan Hoarse $10 & $3.20: He’s the current NZ Derby title holder and that alone says he must be respected here. He owns volumes of early pace which is an asset he must use from his wide trap here. He has returned a 30.06s 520m clock here. 




New Zealand Breeders Stakes heat 3 contenders includes (from left): Idol Dude; Know Betrayal; Trojan Hoarse


New Zealand Breeders Stakes – heat 4, race 7

1 Bigtime Kiss $41 & $11: She set up the tempo from this trap in her C5 520m race last Friday, then she really compounded during the run home. She must also improve on her 30.53s best clock over this trip.


2 Bigtime Rocco $10 & $3.20: He dictated the pace to his rivals when he delivered his freewheeling 30.28s C4 520m win here last Friday. He has returned a smart 30.08s 520m gallop here and using similar pace making tactics here can see him qualifying.


3 Opawa June $41 & $11: She downgraded back to C1 when she missed in her track debut C2 520m race here for her new trainer last Friday. That suggests that she faces a tough task in this field.   


4 Puzzle Tin $41 & $11: He endured a luckless last start Addington 520m race which was in a Group 2 heat. He trialed over 520m there on Monday where he clocked around 30.49s. He has been sparingly raced lately and this C5 graded chaser missed in both of his previous 520m races here.  


5 Opawa Hilary $41 & $11: She stepped up to C2 racing to deliver her Monday Addington 30.62s 520m win. She placed in her only outing at this venue which was in a NZRS Novice heat. She must break quickly from her poor draw here.


6 Billy’s Churn $101 & $26: His last start fourth came in a heat of the 457m NZ Derby, when he was cut out of the placings over the later stages. He hasn’t won over 520m on this track with his three races yielding him with three minor placings.   


7 Know Threat $101 & $26: He hasn’t raced since he missed in a March C5 Ascot Park 457m event, when he downgraded back to C4. He will be making his track debut in this heat from a trap where he has proven to be competitive from before.


8 Sub Eighteen $51 & $13: This C4 assessed chaser didn’t feature in his last start Manawatu C4/5 457m race. This holder of a 30.18s best 520m winning time must spear forward onto the early pace from out here.




New Zealand Breeders Stakes heat 4 contenders includes (from left): Bigtime Rocco; Opawa Hillary; Billy’s Churn


New Zealand Breeders Stakes – heat 5, race 8

1 Bigtime Rod $10 & $3.20: He was the bold recent three quarter length runner up in the Group 1 NZ Futurity here which he delivered from this trap. That factor alone says this owner of a smart 29.91s 520m time here must be respected in this heat.


2 Opawa Magic $41 & $11: This C3 chaser was attempting to get herself handy to the early pace when she was denied clear racing room in Tuesday’s $8,500 NZRS Graduation final over 457m at Ascot Park. She’s on track debut here and she is bringing tidy inside trap stats north with her.


3 Bigtime Shadow $7.50 & $2.50: This bloke has been really flying lately as seen by his then 23.09s Manawatu 410m track record. He controlled the pace throughout when he delivered his last start C2 30.37s win. He was a NZ Derby finalist where he finished fourth.   


4 Bigtime Tank $31 & $9.50: This fella has no option but to secure the early pace which he wasn’t able to do when he contested a C5 520m event here last Friday. He has been competitive from this trap in the past.


5 Thrilling Vice $21 & $6: This luckless NZ Derby finalist owns some rather slick looking Cambridge 457m times. He didn’t receive any racing favours in his only 520m race here which was in a Group 1 heat.


6 All Black Star $151 & $36: He was trying to improve from an early midfield position when he became tangled up in traffic in his Tuesday Manawatu C4/5 457m race. He must improve on his 30.80s best winning 520m clock here.       


7 No Kissy Missy $101 & $26: This C2 graded Canterbury chaser has been taking on some rather handy recent Addington 520m fields. She’s facing another tough task for her track debut here from a draw that she hasn’t raced from before.


8 Know Denying $41 & $11: He isn’t known for his fast trapping ability and that’s a worry for this Canterbury C3 graded chaser who is also making his track debut outing in this heat. He ran third in his only race from trap eight.  




New Zealand Breeders Stakes heat 5 contenders includes (from left): Bigtime Rod; Bigtime Shadow; Thrilling Vice;  


By Peter Fenemor


Posted on 6/06/2019 1:50:54 PM

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