On 21 March 2019, GRV published a notice on its website providing guidance to participants about the use of green tea in CopRice Working Dog Products, and other products that have green tea listed as an ingredient. GRV notes that it submitted a samples of CopRice Adult Working Dog (Beef, Vegetable & Brown Rice) kibble to its laboratory, and can report that no caffeine was detected in the samples. GRV also notes that CopRice has also provided the results of its own testing from NMI to GRV, which also reported no caffeine was detected in the samples.


GRV would like to remind participants that green tea may contain caffeine and participants should remain careful and diligent when providing it to racing greyhounds. GRV encourages participants to refer to GRVs feeding guidelines and FAQs to assist in making informed decisions about what to feed their racing greyhounds and reducing the risk of inadvertent positive swabs.


Should Participants wish to know more about the CopRice Working Dog products or testing can contact CopRice 1800 029 901 (Australia) or 0508 267 742 (New Zealand).

Posted on 27/03/2019 4:09:55 PM

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