New Small Breeders Fund and Breeding Female Policy Amendment

Following feedback on the Breeding Female Policy, proposed changes were put to the Board in February and have subsequently been approved.  We are also very happy to announce a new initiative to assist small breeders with their endeavours. Details of both of these announcements can be found below:

Amendment to the Breeding Female Policy

Changes to standards around breeding were updated in the new Health & Welfare Standards 2018. These changes were to reflect veterinary best practice for responsible dog breeding, in order to improve greyhound welfare and reduce the risk of health issues.  In discussions had, and feedback received, we have heard that these new guidelines may be too restrictive and did not leave room for exceptional cases. We have therefore introduced two exception levels for the restrictions. These are summarised below, and detailed in full in the policy:

Appendix 1: Breeders may be given approval for a fourth litter or breed from a greyhound over seven years of age.  An Application for an Additional Service form must be submitted for consideration.  The criteria are outlined in the amended policy.

Appendix 2: A second level of exception has now been added whereby a breeder, under exceptional circumstances, may be given approval to breed one additional litter after the broodbitch turns 8 years of age, or approval for a final fifth litter.  To be considered for this exception, a written application must be submitted to the Breeding Panel via or PO Box 38313.  The panel’s decision will be final and cannot be challenged.

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Small Breeder Fund Policy

Since GRNZ exited out of importing Frozen Semen we have been looking for a way to support the smaller breeders in NZ and continue to support ease of access to high quality semen.  We are very pleased to announce the implementation of a Small Breeders Fund. This fund has been established to assist small breeders with importation and purchase costs of Australian imported straws.  All applications need to be made in advance and are at the discretion of GRNZ. For a full list of criteria please read the GRNZ Small Breeder Fund Policy.

GRNZ wishes to make clear that we may alter or adjust this policy as we gather experience with it and to ensure that unusual or unintended consequences can be quickly responded to.

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Posted on 8/03/2019 9:29:46 AM

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