GRNZ Muzzle Policy - Race Day exemption

As we are now post 1 February 2019, all standards outlined in the GRNZ Welfare Standards 2018 are enforceable (with the exception of the vaccination requirements which come into force on 1 August 2019).

It has however been agreed by the Board to make an exemption for Race Day Muzzling. A policy outlining is being developed (following input due from SPCA and MPI) and will go through the Board approval process in the coming months before being published on

Please be reminded that in the meantime all muzzles and/or straps on race day will be inspected before dogs are kenneled and must meet the MPI standards as linked to below. Special attention will be given to tightness of the muzzle/strap and the dogs ability to pant and vomit. If your dogs muzzle or strap does not pass this inspection, adjustments to the muzzle/strap must be done, a replacement muzzle/strap used or the dog kenneled without a muzzle or strap.

See Appendix 1 : Extract from the Animal Welfare (Care and Procedures) Regulations 2018 in the GRNZ Health and Welfare Standards for details.

Posted on 5/02/2019 4:32:34 PM

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