CE Update - April

Hi All

It’s been a busy month.

Firstly, I need to announce that Bridget Ng-Wai, our Head of Finance for four years, has resigned. I’m sure you will join me in wishing her well for the future and her new role.

She has been a genuine champion for the industry and is responsible for the newly implemented Club Funding Policy. The office will have a contractor in place shortly who will see us through the season and also be able to help us with the Messara negotiations. Once we are through that we will look to fill the role permanently. In the interim, I ask you to bear with us while we make the transition, and I also want to confirm that we will, as originally planned, review the CFP after a season to make sure that we are putting the industry funds where they are needed the most.

One of our major successes this month has been on the international front. We spent some time in Australia working with Greyhounds Australasia to set a strategic work plan for G.A., and deliver outcomes for years to come. We are increasingly conscious of the fact that greyhound racing needs a positive and ‘front footed’ narrative. While GRNZ is building that, we are pleased to report that GA will make a major contribution to that undertaking including:

  1. Undertaking an Australasian-wide International Impact Study - financial and community impacts
  2. Building an agreed set of definitions and data matching for Australasia
  3. Exploring breeding best practice and investigating an international market place for balancing breeding and greyhound numbers
  4. Undertaking demographic analysis and driving increased participation of that understanding
  5. Building a repository of value and valuable materials for all states to share and make use of.

Finally, we can also confirm that we will not lose focus on our core business - and that we will now turn to managing the major administration that comes with the end of the season - with Code Funding and Calendar confirmations for the 19/20 season coming into sharp focus. We will be in touch soon to let you know how that progresses but we are hoping for race increases and improvements for our industry.

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Mauro Barsi

Posted on 7/01/2019 9:33:11 AM

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