CE Update - January

Hi Everyone

Welcome to 2019 and what I anticipate will be one of the biggest years in greyhound racing in New Zealand, ever.

Yes, this year we will continue to focus on animal welfare, increased racing opportunities and improvements in stakes money. Yes, this year we will enter into the Australasian Nationals - held in Perth - for both short and long distance racing. Yes, we will finish upgrading our kennels and launching a new rehoming model. Yes, we will hold another Conference with overseas experts and the opportunity to gain international experience and exposure. Finally, yes, we will begin work on year two of our Hansen Report recommendations and take big steps in track safety.

However, even with all these elements coming together in 2019, that’s still business as usual. Here’s a quick summary of some of the more major activity that we we will need to do on top of that:

  1. Work through the Messara Report and any re-sculpting of the Racing Industry that comes from that - including a potential review of the Integrity functions within racing.
  2. Negotiate a new Code Funding agreement with the other Codes - potentially under new ‘Messara’ conditions - whatever they may be.
  3. Work with the NZRB on a new TabCorp set of agreements for Australia and then international markets. These agreements would include New Zealand greyhound racing broadcasting and wagering rights.
  4. Implement a new 2019-20 Racing Calendar, likely one with major venue interventions arising from the Messara Report. which may (or may not) impact GRNZ tracks and options.
  5. Review the Club Funding arrangements after six months of testing and operations.
As you can see, there’s a lot on this year and a lot to win. We’re working hard on your behalf to make sure that greyhound racing has a good year and a great future. We’ll be coming around to see you more this year, talk about the big issues and get you more involved in the behind-the-scenes business of greyhound racing.

Good luck this year, I hope you do well and am looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Mauro Barsi

Posted on 7/01/2019 9:33:11 AM

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