Sprinters Dashing For Group 2 Field Positions

The straight out speed merchants embark on their pathway for Group 2 glory at the Hatrick Raceway on Friday evening when they contest four 305m heats for the $16,000 Dash For Cash sprint. A finish in the first two placings from the heats is required to book a field position for next Friday’s final.

Pictured: Last year’s Dash For Cash winner Hypocritical, who is returning to defend his Group 2 305m title

Included in the heats are the first two finishers from the recent $35,000 The Ftiz Sports Bar Galaxy Sprint final at Group 1 level over the Addington 295m dash.

Here’s a look at the heat contenders with their respective TAB Futures market quotes – Win option 1961, Top 3 Option 1962

Race 3, heat 1 – Dash For Cash (Group 2)
1 Bigtime Blackie $26 & $7: She was hindered when going into the turn after jumping from this trap in last Friday’s 305m sprint. Her qualifying claims here cannot be lightly dismissed.

2 Macey Baxter $201 & $51: She’s a C4 graded sprinter, who last all chance when she went out wide when contesting a C3 305m final last Friday.

3 Sheza Rippa $4 & $1.70: She went under by three quarters of a length in the Galaxy Sprint final. She then backed up to deliver a slippery 16.98s Addington 295m win last Thursday.

4 Wong Way $101 & $26: He’s a northern trained sprinter who suffered from a traffic impeded Manukau 318m sprint last Sunday. He placed in one of his two 305m sprints here.

5 Fantastic Amy $51 & $13: She attained her open lass sprinting stripes when winning her feature C4 305m final in 17.56s last Friday. She must break quickly from this trap here.

6 Miss Claude $26 & $7: She endured a luckless Nov 16 introduction to New Zealand racing when she made her 305m track debut. She brought sound West Australian sprinting form across the Tasman with her.

7 Bigtime Basher $51 & $13: He’s a C4 graded sprinter these days whose current form has been affected by making moderate starts. He isn’t the worse qualifying prospect in this heat.

8 Cawbourne Mezza $51 & $13: She has hit solid current sprinting form at precisely the right time. She must jump straight onto the early pace from out here.

9 Butterball $151 & $36: She was never in contention in last Friday’s C4 feature 305m final. She was a Dash For Cash finalist last year where she finished seventh.

10 Missing Allegro $101 & $26: She improved her form line when she downgraded back to C3 to deliver her last start half length 305m second. Obviously this is a tougher task.

Bigtime Blackie Sheza Rippa Wong Way
Dash For Cash heat 1 contenders includes (from left): Bigtime Blackie; Sheza Rippa; Wong Way

Race 4, heat 2 – Dash For Cash (Group 2)
1 Nippa A Spot $151 & $36: His sound recent 305m sprints has been in the C3 grade. He has no option but to shave a few tenths of his best 17.82s 305m winning time here.

2 Mad Harry $101 & $26: He’s a C4 assessed northern sprinter who produced a Sunday Manukau 318m second in that grade. He was unplaced in his only 305m sprint at this venue.

3 Hard Merch $81 & $21: He returned into the C5 sprinting ranks via his 17.55s Friday C4 305m win. He then suffered from a traffic impeded C3/4 Monday 410m sprint.

4 Platinum Marshall $51 & $13: He was a recent Galaxy Sprint finalist who was held in the midfield pack in that decider. He owns a known strong finish which he must use here.

5 Bigtime Victory $51 & $13: She raced wide going into the turn in her 305m dash last Friday. Her prior 305m second was a sound effort. She receives a rough draw here.

6 Idol Nifty $21 & $6: She’s making her return here after she made it through to the semi final stage of the Galaxy Sprint series. She has proven to be a competitive 305m sprinter here.

7 Sir Duggie $3 & $1.50: He returned from his power packed Group 1 Galaxy Sprint 295m 17.05s victory to deliver his sharp pace making 17.21s Friday 305m win.

8 Hypocritical $51 & $13: He won last year’s Dash For Cash final in 17.56s from this trap when getting into the field from the reserves bench. He is again provided with swooping claims from out here.

9 Butterball $151 & $36: She was never in contention in last Friday’s C4 feature 305m final. She was a Dash For Cash finalist last year where she finished seventh.

10 Bigtime Bronx $81 & $21: This will easily be his toughest career test if he secures a race start here. He has bounced from the C1 grade, into the C2 ranks and he now holds a C3 assessment.

Mad Harry Platinum Marshall Sir Duggie
Dash For Cash heat 2 contenders includes (from left): Mad Harry; Platinum Marshall; Sir Duggie

Race 5, heat 3 – Dash For Cash (Group 2)
1 Smash Charger $101 & $26: She is returning here after her sound recent C4/5 410m sprints. She has been provided with the draw advantage here which she is capable of capitalizing on.

2 Idol Hot $21 & $6: She made it through to the Galaxy Sprint semi final stages. She owns solid 305m form around this circuit and she holds sound looking advancement claims here.

3 Bigtime Steve $151 & $36: She contested a C3 305m final here last Friday where she lost all claims when she copped an early check. This is a tougher assignment here.

4 Homebush Minnie $151 & $36: She’s a C4 graded sprinter who peaked late on her 305m sprint when stepping up into that class here last Friday.

5 Too The Nail $14 & $4: He punched around the outer to deliver his 17.02s meet best 295m time on Galaxy Sprint final night. He was held in the midfield in last week’s 295m dash. He owns a strong sprint finish.

6 Blitz ‘Em Rene $14 & $4: She’s a real sharp northern trained sprinter as seen by her tidy Manukau meet best 18.37s 318m win. She also owns solid 305m sprint form on this track.

7 Bigtime Tears $41 & $11: She is resuming from a spell and is having her first career short course sprint in doing so. Expect a sharp sprint from her after her stylish last start Sept 28 30.06s C4/5 520m win.

8 Bigtime Lucy $41 & $11: She is making her return into the open class sprinting ranks here. The scenario for her from out here is very simple – she must ping away from this trap.

9 Butterball $151 & $36: She was never in contention in last Friday’s C4 feature 305m final. She was a Dash For Cash finalist last year where she finished seventh.

10 Nelso Allen $21 & $6: He pressed on late for his Addington C3 295m third placing last week after he exited from the Galaxy Sprint series at the semi final stage.

Idol Hot Too The Nail Blitz Em Rene
Dash For Cash heat 3 contenders includes (from left): Idol Hot; Too The Nail; Blitz ‘Em Rene

Race 6, heat 4 – Dash For Cash (Group 2)
1 Mila Mila $26 & $7: She was year’s Dash For Cash fifth place finisher, who has returned to form at precisely the right time. She has drawn to make another Group 2 final here.

2 Bigtime Eve $26 & $7: She was hindered when trying to slip around the outer after jumping from trap 8 in last Friday’s 305m sprint. She does own early pace which she can use to telling effect.

3 Al’s Apprentice $31 & $7.50: He has regained form since he dropped back into the C4 sprinting ranks. He has previously been competitive in C5 305m sprints here. He must jump onto the early pace here.

4 Oskitz $41 & $11: He’s a recent 295m Galaxy Sprint finalist (fourth) who is making his track debut here. He adds the mystery factor to this heat as he does own strength.

5 Amazing Contact $251 & $61: She’s a northern prepared C4 graded sprinter who endured a horror Sunday 318m sprint. She has been provided with no favours receiving this trap for her track debut sprint here.

6 Kathlee $10 & $2.50: This girl has been flying through the grades recently reaching C4 status. She’s facing a tougher task here, however she owns sufficient early pace to deliver a competitive sprint here.

7 No Time Toulouse $18 & $5: She adds the intrigue factor to this heat.by resuming from an extended spell. She processes both pace and strength, however she is a known railing chaser.

8 Thrilling Katie $12 & $3: She is presented with swooping claims from this trap as seen by her tidy Sunday Manukau C4/5 18.42s win from this trap. Her prior C5 318m win was delivered in a handy 18.40s.

9 Butterball $151 & $36: She was never in contention in last Friday’s C4 feature 305m final. She was a Dash For Cash finalist last year where she finished seventh.

10 Thunderation $201 & $51: She’s a vastly experienced sprinter who downgraded back into the C3 sprinting ranks when she finished fourth in her C4 305m dash last Friday.

Mila Mila Oskitz Thrilling Katie
Dash For Cash heat 4 contenders includes (from left): Mila Mila; Oskitz; Thrilling Katie

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Posted on 28/11/2018 2:23:32 PM

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