CE Update - November 2018

Hi Everyone

Firstly, can I just say what a great day we had at the GRNZ Conference and Awards Dinner. The conference was a genuinely positive experience, where we had the opportunity to hear from real international and national talent, talk about the major issues facing our industry, and get a sense of just how far we have come as a Code. Robert Britten was outstanding, we had the CEO of the NZRB talk us through their ongoing plans for betting platforms and tracks/venues, and there was a real willingness to talk about tracks, welfare standards, clubs and funding. It is definitely something that we will do again. I would also like to thank the team here at GRNZ for their efforts in bringing the conference to life, and the clubs and LPs who got in behind the concept and made it a success.

At the time you’ll be reading this, the closing date for the Messara Report will have come and gone. Rest assured, we put in a strong submission on behalf of the industry, focusing on three main points - the Transition Agency, Code Funding, and the governance of the proposed Racing New Zealand. We did respond to all 17 recommendations and a number of sub-recommendations - and you can find the details on the GRNZ website. It will be up to the Minister to determine how he takes the matter further, but we remain engaged, supportive, and wanting to ensure that there is a good place for greyhound racing at the end of the journey.

Finally, a brief note to record that Mr Graeme Calverley will come to the end of 10 years service on the Board this November. Graeme was, for most of that time, the LP Representative on the Board and I am sure you will join me in thanking him for his service and wishing him all the best for his future in the sport.

We will keep you posted on Messara Report updates and no doubt there will be more developments to come.

See you soon, at the track.

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Mauro Barsi 

Posted on 1/11/2018 10:11:01 AM

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