CE Update - December 2018

Hi Everyone

It’s that time of year where I get to say Merry Christmas everyone, and well done for another year.

This year I’m proud of how well you: the industry, the Clubs and LP’s have come together to grapple with the Hansen Report, the Messara Report, and the difficult challenges you’ve faced in just keeping the sport and the business of greyhound racing going.

I believe that our Awards and Conference events this year were a real success, setting the groundwork for future learning experiences and best practice, and creating shared expectations around what we can do together. We’ve already made great strides in track management and maintenance as a result of the Conference and you should expect to see more track safety early next year.

I know that GRNZ has reached out and been in more clubs, more often, but I also realise that we need to do more. We’ve put together an engagement model for next year so that more LPs and more Clubs can be involved earlier in any Code decision making - you’ll see more of our thinking and have more opportunities to be involved in it.

I can see that the welfare reforms this year were a lot to manage, and that we sometimes missed the voices of participants on issues - please remember that we had to move quickly to ensure that we kept our social licence but that lessons have been learned and we will work closely with the industry to ensure new standards are practical and understood.

Beyond all this, I can say that next year will be even bigger - there’s the implementation of the Messara Report, a new Code funding agreement, a new international rights agreement and potentially new partners to negotiate with We are going to have a big year and we’re going to have to get through it together. I’m looking forward to seeing you, your clubs and our industry succeed.

Finally, it’s important to note that the office will run a skeleton crew from midday 21 December through to 7 January. You’ll still be able to get a hold of us and we’ll still be on the case, but please understand that we will not have everyone on board for all of that time.

As always, have a great Christmas and safe start to the new year.

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Mauro Barsi 

Posted on 1/11/2018 10:11:01 AM

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