Palmerston North change of distance - TRIAL.

After recently receiving professional advice from a well-respected track expert and conducting a local track based survey, it has been agreed that the Palmerston North GRC will conduct a six-week trial commencing on Monday 5th November 2018 during which they will not run any races from the 375m starting boxes. 

The rationale behind this trial is, that it will help reduce the number of injuries by starting the dogs from the 410m drop on boxes in the middle of the track, therefore reducing the congestion and interference into and on the bend.

For the duration of the trial all sprint races at Palmerston North will be run over 410m, as the November race schedules have already been printed in the On Track magazine (advertising 375m races), these will all be replaced by races over 410m with all other conditions remaining the same.


Trials from the 410m will only be available on race day. 
Trials from the 375m will still be available this stage, but only on Tuesdays (trial day) 
457m trials will be available both days.

Trials on race day will begin with the 410m and end with the 457m. Please ensure you are at the 410 boxes early to trial as after approximately 20 minutes they will be getting removed from the track. 
Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions. 

The Palmerston North Greyhound Committee  

Posted on 24/10/2018 3:27:21 PM

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