GRNZ Submission on The John Messara Review of the New Zealand Racing Industry

GRNZ has submitted its feedback on the Review of the New Zealand Racing Industry, authored by Mr John Messara AM, 31 July 2018 (‘The Messara Report’).

In principle, GRNZ supports a majority of the Messara Report recommendations and wishes to work with the Racing Industry to create a vibrant and successful future for all our participants.

However, it has been publicly noted and accepted that the Report has especially focussed on the needs of the Thoroughbred Racing Code (Report pg 4), and GRNZ believes that this focus has created:

  1. An inherent bias towards the needs and issues facing Thoroughbred Racing, some of which are the opposite of those facing Greyhound Racing and - in certain recommendations - means that GRNZ is materially disadvantaged.
  2. An inability to recognise that ‘one size does not fit all’ and that - in certain recommendations - GRNZ should be provided with flexibility / capability to operate with a different business model than that of the Thoroughbred Racing Code, in order to survive and prosper.

These two basic themes play out in the three (3) key recommendations that GRNZ believes need to be changed or adjusted to better reflect the needs of the Racing Industry, rather than the Thoroughbred Code.

While it may be tempting to see the Messara Report as a total answer / total package, the clear focus on Thoroughbred Racing means that implementing the Report recommendations ‘as is’ will mean locking in systemic disadvantage, and undermining the possibility of this being a sustainable and lasting foundation for the Racing Industry.

The three (3) key recommendations that GRNZ believes should be adjusted are:

  1. The Racing Industry Transitional Agency (RITA) (Not mentioned in the Report).
  2. Racing New Zealand (Rec #2).
  3. The Code Funding Model (Rec #5).
GRNZ's detailed comments on these three specific recommendations and our position on each of the recommendations outlined in the report can be read in the attached submission.  

GRNZ Submission on Messara Review

Posted on 18/10/2018 10:53:39 AM

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