CE Monthly Update - July

Hi All,

This month has had a real focus on development and the longer term interests of the industry.

There are two major pieces of work starting to touch all of us and while they remain works in progress, they have a profound impact even now in showing the community who we are and how we care for our animals. These projects are rehoming and GRNZ’s new Health and Welfare Standards.

Firstly, with respect to rehoming, GRNZ is working with GAP to pick up day-to-day management of the Levin Kennels and put some TLC into the property. Of course, we remain committed to GAP and their great work in finding homes for our athletes, but the Hansen Report also makes clear that we need to be more involved in rehoming, and help shape a model that means more dogs can be more easily made available in more parts of the country. This means that we are working on a way to positively and cooperatively involve more rehoming agencies, like Nightrave, in the Greyhound story and increase the footprint we have into new parts of the country. We are moving slowly but surely on this front, with the goal of creating the best rehoming opportunity possible for every dog. No doubt it will take a while but we know that everyone wants the same outcome and is willing to play their part. We’re also looking at an improved marketing campaign and awareness to match. We’ll let you know more as we work through how we do it best, but we know it’s needed and we’re really putting some new thinking into it.

Also, the new Health and Welfare Standards are beginning to come into focus, with an introduction date of 1 August. We’ve been talking generally about them for a little while now, but we know that the devil is always in the detail. Some of the more substantial changes are being highlighted one at a time - in this magazine and on line - and we are also looking at coming to the regions and working people through them. We know there will be some trepidation, but do please remember that we have also been working closely with the RIU to ensure a good six month transitional period where they will assist in identifying where adjustments are needed. There should be time to work through your situation and there are also potential exceptions available in areas of major concern - which we will work with you on.

Looking at our Code, I believe that it is the forward thinking we’ve had in welfare, and the efforts of our genuine and committed breeders, trainers and owners which have put us in a strong position to remain a successful sport. The public remains prepared to support us and the government continues to allow us to regulate ourselves. Well done. I know some days are harder than others, but it’s the work you’ve done that means you’ve got a future where I believe the racing and the stakes will increase.

As always, thank you for your support and hopefully I’ll see you soon, at the track.

Mauro Signature

Mauro Barsi 
Chief Executive, GRNZ

Posted on 28/06/2018 12:54:32 PM

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