South Island Rehoming - New Contact

As we continue to progress our new partnership with Oxford Kennels and work with our rehoming partners, GAP and Nightrave, to cover rehoming in the South Island in the short term, we have a new process for entering greyhounds into Oxford Kennels.

From today, please contact Gemma from GAP ( or 027 305 5898) and she will be able to guide you with the new process.

Our focus is on assessing and rehoming dogs that are already on GAP’s SI waiting list. Dogs will be called in from Trainers in the order of entry to the list. Please ensure your dog is ready to enter GAP. If a dog is still racing when GAP call the dog in, they will lose their place on the list. GAPs usual acceptance criteria apply so please also ensure your dog is free of any health issues such as injured tails or hot spots and their vaccinations are up to date. We are working closely with the Shirley Veterinary Clinic to ensure all greyhounds are fit and healthy for entry into our rehoming program and any health issues must be dealt with prior to entry or will be charged to the owner/trainer.

Any greyhounds that do not pass the GAP assessment at Oxford will be sent to Nightrave for further training and assessment.

South Island Rehoming Contact for Oxford Kennels
Mobile: 027 305 5898

Posted on 11/06/2018 4:49:41 PM

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