Rehoming Workshop Update

On Tuesday 15 May, Greyhound Racing New Zealand hosted a workshop with the GAP Trust Board and Nightrave Greyhounds to discuss how we best work together to enable a step change in the number of greyhounds rehomed.

It was a very productive meeting starting from the premise of a common goal – to rehome more greyhounds.

Key points agreed at the meeting: 

  • - We can rehome many more greyhounds by working together from now and into the future
  • - We will work as partners in building a new way of operating
  • - We will explore opportunities making the most of each partners’ strengths so that we can rehome more hounds.

Planning is underway but by no means finished. However, the following points were agreed: 

  • - A sub-committee of three (reps from GRNZ, GAP and Nightrave) will agree the criteria for the initial assessment process so that we can achieve a consistent national standard of initial assessment. Rehoming partners will manage subsequent assessments in accordance with their own processes, and will work together where it is in the best interests of the dog.
  • - This subcommittee will also look at a standard adoption fee across all re-homing agencies.
  • - Proposed GRNZ Assessment and Training Centres will not be directly rehoming greyhounds. This will be done by the rehoming agencies.
  • - GAP and Nightrave, and any other rehoming agencies that want to, will submit a funding plan for GRNZ to consider. This will cover how they intend to operate in order to re-home more greyhounds.
  • - Once processes and responsibilities have been agreed, GRNZ will have a Memorandum of Understanding with each rehoming agency.

While we work together to develop the new rehoming operations model the following will apply:

  • - GAP Hampton Downs will continue to provide services as it currently does, accepting hounds directly from trainers inline with its current contract.
  • - GAP Levin will continue to operate as per usual while we work out the transition plan for the property.
  • - Nightrave Greyhounds will continue to operate as it does currently.
  • - GRNZ have contracted Oxford Kennels as a short term kennelling partner for the South Island. Tracy Doe will work with Oxford Kennels and will manage the waiting lists, the assessments and liaising with the re-homing partners.

In summary, the meeting has built a strong foundation for working together and we will build on this going forward.

GRNZ, GAP and Nightrave Greyhounds

Posted on 18/05/2018 7:54:24 AM

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