Ear branding Update

There is a new procedure that will need to be followed when ear branding a greyhound that was set to come into effect from Monday 16 May 2018. This effective date is now being extended out as testing of the cream is still being trailed our Chief Veterinarian, Malcolm Jansen.
Part of the welfare recommendations coming out of the Hansen review included the requirement that if an end to the current ear branding procedure was not achievable, a local anesthetic should be used. While we work on investigating possible alternatives to earbranding, we will be ensuring that all puppies are ear branded using this topical anesthetic.
The cream currently being tested is simple to use, fast-acting, and has already been used when re-branding older dogs. Instructions will be sent to all ear branders when the new effective date is confirmed. The application of this cream is also painless and very effective, it does not interfere with the quality of the branding as it's currently done at the moment without the use of this cream.

Posted on 30/04/2018 4:29:39 PM

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