Update on Adoption Initiatives

To consider how we might grow our rehoming numbers a Board subcommittee has been established to review all current rehoming programs and develop ideas and initiatives to increase future numbers, both in terms of partners and dogs rehomed.

GAP has historically been the flagship program for GRNZ and we remain fully committed to supporting the GAP Trust. We have however, seen relatively static annual GAP adoption numbers for the past couple of years so we need to step back and look at how we can reshape our rehoming efforts to increase the adoption numbers. GAP, together with other rehoming partners such as Nightrave, have an important role to play and the industry needs to work together for the best outcomes for our greyhounds.

Levin Kennels

A key element of the future rehoming strategy is the utilisation of the kennel facilities at Levin. The Board has a desire to have the kennels operated by GRNZ going forward. To that end the Board is proposing to change the operating model for Levin with a target date of 1 August 2018, being the commencement of our new financial year. This change will see an upgrade of the facilities including a redesign of the grounds, rebuilding of the kennel blocks with open run space, play area for the dogs, and increasing the capacity of the property.

Subject to consultations and in-depth scoping, a tentative plan is that Levin would operate as per the following:

-   GRNZ runs Levin as a national kennel and temperament testing base. Greyhounds can be adopted directly from Levin via an adoption partner, or may be sent to regional kennel spaces, run by GAP, Nightrave and other adoption partners, for adoption.
-   GRNZ runs a national database with hounds for adoption, including temperament testing results
-   Adoption Partners run additional nominated facilities (commercial kennel spaces) that temporarily hold greyhounds across the country prior to adoption
-   Adoption Partners operate their websites, social media and adopters network
-   All greyhounds available for adoption are also advertised on a central GRNZ website
-   Adoption Partners match applicants to GRNZ assessments and manages adopter and greyhound interaction
-   Adoption Partners provide post-adoption support.

A Kennel/Facility Manager role has been advertised to manage this transition and we welcome all qualified and interested parties to apply.

Posted on 27/04/2018 2:45:20 PM

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