Missing Meeting in March On Track Schedules


  • C0d Maiden Distance - 660m - $3,210
  • C1f Graeme Hayden Holmes Memorial Final - 457m - $2,700 Heats run 19th March.
  • C2 C2 410 Feature - 410m - $1,800
  • C2d C2d Distance - 660m - $4,620 C0d and C1d greyhounds are eligible to nominate.
  • C5 Silver Star Trophy - 457m - $5,000 Eligible for C1 - C5 graded bitches only.
  • C5f Gold Cup Final - 457m - $15,000 Heats run 19th March.

First race: 03:30 PM

An error occurred in the production of the March issue of On Track and the March 29 Palmerston North Gold Cup meeting was omitted from the schedules. There were other mentions of the meeting throughout the magazine, but the schedules lacked the listing of the Gold Cup meeting.

We would like to apologise for the error and the inconvenience caused, however the most up-to-date schedules can and must be referenced on our website.

We appreciate these magazine schedules are among the most-used feature in On Track and that our LPs refer to them regularly. For that reason, a new copy of the magazine was issued and put online and can be referenced and printed for use at home. That copy can be found here.

Thank you for understanding and for your constructive feedback on this matter. We will endeavor to ensure all schedules are error free going forward.

Posted on 16/03/2018 2:12:02 PM

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