GAP information for Owners/Trainers

1. Vaccination requirements for entry to GAP from 1 March 2018

To get entry to GAP, your greyhound must have a current DHPPI or Vanguard 5 vaccination and up-to-date Canine Kennel Cough vaccine, no later than 10 days before entry to GAP. From 1 March 2018 this will be enforced at all 3 GAP kennels. 

Both North Island kennels require greyhounds to have a Leptospirosis vaccination and booster at 4 weeks prior to entry.  The South Island kennel does not require this.

Your greyhound must also be injury free and sound:

- Dogs with a history of any type of fracture will only be accepted with a vet certificate and records.
- Please ensure your dog has no open wounds.  This includes injured tails. If your greyhound has an injured tail it will need to be treated and completely healed before entry to GAP.
- Please be aware that if any vet treatment over and above routine de-sexing and dental are required, you (the trainer/owner) may be liable for the cost.

2. What I can do to help my greyhound prepare for a GAP Assessment and Graduation.

To help prepare a greyhound for their assessment, it is useful to familiarise your greyhound with what it takes to be a pet. Greyhounds that have been given time to adjust from racing life, and that have had some life experience before they enter the programme have been shown to have a better chance of passing their GAP assessment and finding a permanent home.

- Give the greyhounds as much time away from racing as possible.
- Expose your greyhounds to other dog breeds if this can be safely done.
- Start with large dogs and work your way down to small fluffies, with your hound wearing a muzzle and always on lead.
- Your greyhound should not bark, lunge or grab small dogs.
- The hound should walk quietly next to a smaller dog.

It would be a great help for your greyhound to spend some time in a home environment rather than in the kennel. If possible, take them into your home and teach them about pet life. Your local GAP Kennels can give you advice on habituating your greyhound if you are unsure where to start. Habituation means getting your dog used to a new habitat (house/life outside racing) and covers things such as house-breaking, toilet training, walking around town, stairs, kitchens, lino and new sounds, basically living as part of a family.

Please make sure your greyhound can be handled and walks well on a lead. This is especially important with young dogs. Please teach them the basics: not to jump up, knock people over, push and pull. Your dog will have a better chance of finding a new home if it is polite and well mannered. If you can’t walk your greyhound, its new owners certainly won’t be able to!

3. General guidelines for participation in GAP events

GAP welcomes all greyhound trainers, handlers, kennel hands and owners at their events. The more people promoting the adoption of greyhounds the better! There are some general guidelines to be aware of:

GAP community walks

- Anyone attending GAP events is personally responsible for their own animal.
- The GAP organiser does have an obligation to be aware of welfare issues and may ask an owner of an unsuitable/highly stressed hound not to join the event.
- GAP are not responsible for enforcing GRNZ rules.  Owners/Trainers should be aware and adhere to rule 85.4 that GRNZ registered greyhounds must wear a muzzle in public places.
- GAP organised off-lead runs are only to be open to de-sexed, vaccinated, and muzzled greyhounds.

GAP adoption events

- GAP adoption events are usually held as part of a bigger event (such as community fairs or expos) or at a third party location (such as Animates).  For this reason, GAP need to control the number of people and dogs and will have a roster of volunteers and hounds.  If you want to volunteer, please get in touch prior to the event.

- Trainers, handlers and non-GAP hound owners are more than welcome to volunteer.  Greyhounds at adoption events are not to be muzzled as this can be off-putting for potential adopters. Therefor if you are wanting to bring along a greyhound it must be de-registered from GRNZ, council registered, vaccinated, and de-sexed.  

For more information please contact GAP directly: and 021 667 295.

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