New Rule and Policy

Please view the following new rule and policy, these are also going to be published in February On Track magazine.A copy of  the new Rule book can now be viewed on our website under Rules and Policies.

The Rule is seperate from the Policy.

The Policy is a GRNZ Board approved document which is covered in Rule 61.2 (cc)

There has been a number of calls asking what is and isnt allowable in terms of  the Rule and Policy?

  • The only allowable material is TANNED SHEEPSKIN. 
  • Squeakers are NOT allowed (you must use something like a bottle with stones in it, a rattle, or some other means of audible device that does not mimic an animal)
  • If you are given old club lure skins, this is allowable
  • Can I make synthetic lures, YES
  • What if I buy a synthetic toy and it has a squeaker in it -  Either puncture it so it doesn't make a noise, or remove it
  • Can i use a tanned possum skin - NO
  • Common sense will tell you, if you are nervous about the type of product your using - Keep the receipt 

Again - Approved means - A Lure that: (a) is made up of professionally tanned sheepskin; or (b) is made up of purely synthetic materials; or (c) is made up of a combination of (a) and (b). NO SQUEAKERS


Posted on 19/12/2017 1:43:04 PM

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