Consecutive day nomination reminder

Advisory – Consecutive day nominations

19.11 A greyhound shall not be eligible to compete in more than one (1) totalisator event

over any two (2) day period.

There are occasions. However, that it is not unreasonable that a dog is nominated for races on consecutive days.

  • Where a dog is a reserve for the 1st day’s fields - this dog maybe nominated to start the day after. If the dog regains the field for the first day, it MUST be scratched for the 2nd day. Please note – that the onus is on the Trainer to scratch when notified of the dog regaining the field on the 1st day.


  • If a dog is a reserve for a Feature Race or Final on the 2nd day and regains the field for that race before the 1st day scratch time, the dog must start on the 2nd day ie. The Feature Race or Final. However, if the dog has already competed on the 1st day it must be withdrawn from the 2nd day race.

If any dog is nominated for consecutive days with no reserve status applicable, the dog shall race on the 1st of the days. If there are two features, the first feature takes preference.


40.3 If a Greyhound is withdrawn without valid reason after the Box Draw, or after qualifying for a Semi Final or Final of a Totalisator Race, the Owner or Trainer of the Greyhound shall be guilty of an Offence.


Posted on 6/11/2017 4:12:29 PM

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