NZRB delivers phase one of vision capture project

Phase one of the NZRB Vision Capture project is all set to go-live this week and will see a brand new operating model for the way we capture vision for greyhound racing in New Zealand

From 1 November, instead of bringing in a large outside broadcast vehicle for greyhound racing, we’ll be live with our centralised production model that allows NZRB to provide the production aspects of the live footage using network vans at race tracks and a purpose-built control room in Christchurch.

Each of the seven greyhound venues are connected remotely to this control room via a new fibre network and live footage will be captured in high definition at the track and sent directly to Christchurch to be produced. 

A higher level of production, created from a move from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD), means we now broadcast all greyhound racing in New Zealand in HD. TAB Trackside customers with HD capability will see a huge quality difference in the picture, giving a significantly enhanced viewing experience.

Customers without HD capability will enjoy crisper, clearer footage too. The picture will be better than it ever has been before. Be sure to check it out, the difference is staggering and the feedback received during our testing phase has been positive.

It’s also understood to be a first for racing and sport in the Southern Hemisphere and more broadly for New Zealand to produce live television from remote locations, utilising a centralised control room. Partnering with Vocus Communications to develop the network capability has made this possible. It’s allowed NZRB to deliver a cutting edge solution in a relatively short time, on a modest budget.

NZRB are thrilled to be able to deliver this project for the greyhound code and fans and think you’ll notice a big difference in the quality of the footage. Customers will too. It lays a great foundation for a far more modern approach and allows us to take advantage of rapidly advancing technology as it becomes available.

Posted on 2/11/2017 9:44:19 AM

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