Nightrave offers Free Gear and Support to Private Adopters

Nightrave has always offered free dog gear and support to those who adopt retired racers privately anywhere in New Zealand. 

If a trainer rehomes a dog privately, whether to a friend, via Trade Me or through other avenues, Nightrave will support the new owner with a free martingale collar, leash and yard muzzle from their shop

This also applies where a racing owner takes their own race dog as a pet, or where the trainer homes the dog to their own family member or child.

Nightrave also offers new owners fr
ee phone support to help settle in their new dog. This support is offered ongoing for as long as these owners have their greyhound. 

If you have adopted privately or are considering it, visit the Nightrave website, choose the gear you would like but please DO NOT purchase online - rather, email Nightrave with your choice and they will organize the gear for you.

Posted on 31/08/2017 10:42:04 AM

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