Amazing Greyhounds are Set for the Amazing Chase

Everything is fully in place for an amazing Sunday afternoon at the Manukau Stadium for the inaugural running of the $30,500 Formpro Amazing Chase. Four 527m match races, will see two classy greyhounds going head to head as they race not only each other, but also the all-important clock.

Pictured: The Formpro Amazing Chase trophy

Here are the enticing match ups with their TAB Final Field win (option 949) & Place (option 950) along with their respective Head to Head match quotes, with comments kindly provided by the contender’s trainers.

Formpro Amazing Chase – Match 1 (3.39)

1 Thrilling Flo – Karen Walsh ($16 & $3.20 - $3.50) V 2 Tom Tee – Ray Adcock ($2.50 & $1.25 - $1.25)

Thrilling Flo
Strong Group 1 520m winning chaser, who holds home track advantage here. Yes her 30.51s 527m trial here last Sunday was rather moderate by her standards. In saying that, she had missed some work going into it therefore she would have derived benefit from that outing. The key for her here will be the condition of Sunday’s track, which she requires to be in a firm state. If it is, consider her as an upset prospect.

“I thought she would have run home stronger than what she did in her Sunday trial, although she had missed prior work. The track then was on the shifty side and she tends to shorten stride on a surface like that. On her day she has a reasonable first split and a strong last sectional – she is as good as any of my dogs. I do respect the other dog (Tom Tee). I have to say that it is exciting to be involved in this series,” says Karen Walsh.

Tom Tee
This fella has been absolutely sensational in the manner that he has been emphatically handing out chasing lessons to his Addington 520m rivals. He was stylish recent Group 2 520m winner there and he easily topped the Addington 520m leader board (29.99s) for this series. The concern for him is being required to fly north and he’s having his first look at the Manukau circuit. Class will carry him a long way.

“Yes, it is a big worry about flying him up there. The race format suits him. He will get an early sight of the lure, although it is hard to surmise on how the race will unfold. He has been the most consistent Addington greyhound as seen by his numerous sub 30s 520m times. It all hinges on how he travels up there. It’s also interesting having a stayer for him to race against,” says Ray Adcock.

Thrilling Flo Tom Tee
Formpro Amazing Chase – Match 1 greyhounds: Thrilling Flo & Tom Tee

Formpro Amazing Chase - Match 2 (3.50pm)

3 Bigtime Bell - Lisa Cole ($26 & $5.55 - $2.85) V 4 Bigtime Paddy - Lisa Cole ($6 & $1.55 - $1.35)

Bigtime Bell
It’s an intriguing kennel match up here. Her greatest asset is the powerful finish she owns, although she must be within range of her opponent at the back mark for her to effectively use it. To be fair she is capable of delivering a much better time than the 31.11s Sunday 527m trial she produced. She was the powerful 30.56s Auckland Oaks winner here last month. She does own a quick 29.97s Hatrick 520m best time which came when she picked the jump.

“Bell is a good chaser – I’m dumbfounded that she went that slow in her trial, I just can’t put my finger on it, especially after she checked out okay when she got home. She is as strong as and even though our other dog is a very smart type, I’m not prepared to separate the pair of them as she has more track experience up there. She worked nicely during the week,” say Brendon Cole.

Bigtime Paddy
The bloke has an exciting racing future in front of him. His super Hatrick 520m times confirms those thoughts. He was low flying when he delivered his slippery 29.79s 520m clock which qualified him for this event. He completed his preparation for Sunday by cruising to his effortless 30.06s 520m Hatrick C4/5 win last Friday in very cool conditions.

“Paddy is a machine and we are really looking forward to the new season classic races with him. He has heaps of early pace, plus he owns strength. He is getting stronger all the time and I feel drawing outside Bigtime Bell is likely to suit him. He came through his Hatrick race real good and he is all set for Sunday,” says Brendon Cole.

Bigtime Bell Bigtime Paddy
Formpro Amazing Chase – Match 2 greyhounds: Bigtime Bell & Bigtime Paddy

Formpro Amazing Chase - Match 3 (4.01pm)

5 Thrilling Raider - Karen Walsh ($9.50 & $2.70 - $2.30) V 6 Ridin’ Shotgun - Karen Walsh ($3.50 & $1.30 - $1.55)

Thrilling Raider
Again we see a fascinating matchup between a pair of very talented kennelmates. He snatched his position here via his tidy 30.35s 527m solo trial last Sunday. The most pleasing aspect about that effort was him showing no ill effects from his previous completely luckless Manukau 527m races. He contested a NZRS $11,000 feature 457m final on Thursday where he was a strong finishing third.

“I guess we are racing the clock with them. Raider is likely to be slow, therefore I’m picking he’ll have to chase after Shotgun. To be honest, I didn’t really expect him to qualify and that’s why I went with plan B to race in the NZRS final on Thursday. I feel he will better for his trial there last Sunday and he will run out the 527m strongly,” says Karen Walsh.

Ridin’ Shotgun
This bloke hadn’t even raced when he was nominated for this series. He could’ve been more impressive winning his Cambridge 375m debut race in a smart 20.95s, which he then backed up with his searing 30.22s Manukau 527m Maiden grade record victory. That immediately placed him on top of the Manukau Amazing Chase leader board where he remained. Forgive him for his last start 375m miss. He showed he’s right on track for Sunday when he delivered his strong 30.27s 527m trial last Sunday.

“He had a touch of track leg after his Manukau 527 win which flared up at Cambridge. I eased him after that and I’m happy with the way he has come back up. He showed that in his trial up there last week and he will be improved after that. I expect him to win this match as he does have early speed. He has always looked very strong – he will race over longer distances later on. I’m happy with him going in Sunday,” say Karen Walsh.

Thrilling Raider Ridin Shotgun
Formpro Amazing Chase – Match 3 greyhounds: Thrilling Raider & Ridin’ Shotgun

Formpro Amazing Chase - Match 4 (4.12pm)

7 Cawbourne Trixy - Matt Roberts ($16 & $5 - $2.40) V 8 Shantui - Dave & Jean Fahey ($6 $1.60 - $1.50)

Cawbourne Trixy
Astute placement by her conditioner in sending this girl around the Hatrick 520m trip for a solo trial in daylight saw her trainer being rewarded when she delivered a swift 29.77s gallop which cemented her position in this event. She trekked up to Manukau last Sunday to check out the venue which saw her delivering a 30.72s 527m trial. Improvement can be expected from her following that outing.

“She would have benefited from her Sunday trial up there and yes she is ready to go. I would expect her to shave at least a couple of tenths off that time. If she is racing inside him when going into the back straight, then I would be disappointed if she doesn’t lead him home – she is a very strong dog. It’s an interesting challenge as there is amount of the unknown about it all,” says Matt Roberts.

This bloke adds a real degree of intrigue to this event. He qualified for this series when delivering his 30.34s Addington 520m solo trial, which was in cool, wet conditions. He then lined up for his first New Zealand race the following week where after appearing to cruise into contention on the home turn he changed his racing line. The key tactical factor for him is the trial he had on the Manukau track around a month ago. He also looks to be suited by drawing on the outside of his rival here.

“He is getting stronger and fitter all the time. I’m not overly sure about the other dog, although I feel he’s better suited drawing on her outside. His trial up there (Manukau) was satisfactory – at least he’s had a look at the track. He’s all okay to go on Sunday,” says Dave Fahey.

Cawbourne Trixy Shantui
Formpro Amazing Chase – Match 4 greyhounds: Cawbourne Trixy & Shantui

9 Translator $21 & $5 - Dave & Jean Fahey
She has drawn to contest the race 6 603m event on this card and being a natural railer says that she’ll be nicely suited by her trap one draw for her track debut outing. She does own solid Addington 646m track form.

10 Westworld $16 & $4 - Ben Craik
Luckless recent 527m races at the top level around the Manukau circuit has seen this strong finishing chaser dropping back down into the C4 chasing ranks. He won’t remain in his new class for long as he is likely to strike real quickly at C4 level.

Translator Westworld
Formpro Amazing Chase reserves – Translator (left) and Westworld

Key Amazing Chase points to remember

The odd numbered greyhounds will jump from trap one. The even numbered greyhounds will jump from trap three.

The racing vests worn by the contenders will be the same standard colours represented by their official TAB number. e.g. match 1 #1 red; match 2 #3 white….match 4 #8 pink. If a reserve(s) is required, they will wear their respective reserve rug colour(s).

The winner of each match will receive $3,000, while the loser $1,000. The greyhound who clocks the fastest 527m time will receive an additional $10,000. The second quickest will benefit from another $2,500, the third fastest $1,500 and the fourth place getter $500.

Fundraising activities for the Amazing Chase designated charity KidsCan is underway. KidsCan has already benefited with $3,000 having been donated by Greyhound Racing NZ from the original 30 nominated greyhounds.

Trade Me hosted auctions, with all proceeds donated by GRNZ to KidsCan, are currently being conducted with items ranging from a 10% share in a greyhound puppy, Formpro Ratings subscriptions, and quality camera gear to All Blacks and Warriors merchandise. Follow the GRNZ website front page auction link.

There will be extensive range of on course activities at the Manukau Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Included is compere Tommy Thomson, who will conduct key interviews, a Face Painter, Kids Activity booklet, GAP/Nightrave information table plus the Pick 6 syndicate ($10).

By Peter Fenemor


Posted on 28/07/2017 4:47:05 PM

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