Full field directive , and Consecutive day nominations

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Clubs Advisory - Full field directive.

That the full field directive may be varied by application to the Head of Racing if the club required flexibility to card a race over 450 m where nominations did not fully meet the full field directive.  

Advisory – Consecutive day nominations

To give some clarity on the way this is to be applied by the RIU, the following guidelines will be applied to ensure the consistency of these cases as they arise.

19.11 A greyhound shall not be eligible to compete in more than one (1) totalisator event

over any two (2) day period.

There are occasions, however, where it is not unreasonable that a dog is nominated for races on consecutive days.

  • Where a dog is a reserve for the 1st day’s fields - this dog may be nominated for a start on the day after. If the dog regains the field for the first day, it MUST be scratched for the 2nd day. Please note – that the onus is on the Trainer to scratch when notified of the dog regaining the field on the 1st day.

  • If a dog is a reserve for a Feature Race or Final on the 2nd day and regains the field for that race before the 1st day scratching time, the dog must start on the 2nd day ie. The Feature Race or Final. However, if the dog has already competed on the 1st day it  MUST be withdrawn from the 2nd day race.  (NB: A Feature race is a GRNZ feature race and not a club feature race).

If a greyhound is drawn into a field, and not a reserve, you can not nominate for the second day without committing an offence as per Rule 40.3.


40.3 - Non valid withdrawal 

1st offence - $150

2nd offence - $250

3rd offence - Referral to the JCA

Posted on 27/07/2017 3:34:50 PM

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