Rule changes May 2017


The GRNZ rules of racing have been updated with effect from May 29th, 2017.

There have been a large number of amendments made to the rules. The vast majority of these amendments are minor and are tidy up changes to make the rules a comprehensive standalone document, following the removal of the Constitutional Rules. For example the rules have been renumbered and rules 5-17 have been brought back from an earlier version of the rules.

Substantive changes are:


The term "General Manager" is no longer current and should be substituted as required through the rules with Chief Executive Officer and his/her delegate Warn Off means to direct that a particular person shall not be permitted to enter or remain on any part of the ground or premises where a Greyhound Meeting or trial is being held. Warning off and Warned off shall have a corresponding meaning

Rules: (these are the new rule references)

11.2, 11.3 and 11.4 have been deleted, these concern the allocation of prize money.

12.2 Change Kennel Steward to Kennel Official

19.1 The time restraint on nominations has been removed

19.2 The manner in which nominations can be made has been removed

24.1 Add That the winning percentages of prize money will be published from time to time in the

Associations magazine.

22.8 Has been deleted – this concerns field size.

27.4 Has been changed to allow the CEO to authorise an Invitation race.

59.7 Delete this rule regarding notifying tribunal decisions in the magazine.

62.4c Change himself to themselves

79 Delete this rule that required a disqualified or Warned Off person to deliver their licence.

A detailed explanation of rule changes and all the alterations are posted on our website:- and-Policies.aspx

All Licensed Trainers will be sent new rulebooks over the next few weeks and copies will also be available at clubs. Anyone that requires a rule book can contact the office and we will send one out. Please note as part of your licence it is your obligation to understand the rules.

Posted on 10/05/2017 10:09:02 AM

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